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Gender female
Race human
Role Carrier
Location Wornspire
Appears in The Facility
Legion of Liberty
Mentioned in

Anya was a test subject of Dr. Talmage in the secret facility known as Wornspire. She is the protagonist in The Facility. She was a victim of forced prostitution in New Elid under a pimp named Glar until a clinic discovered her pregnancy and sold her to the Clavic Empire. She does not know who the father of her child is.


She was kidnapped and forced into prostitution at age 6, at first being placed in a brothel. After her handlers there believed her trustworthy, they put her on the streets under the charge of a vicious man named Glar. She remains a street walker in New Elid under Glar for the next eight years, enduring many hardships from lack of nourishment to beatings and torture.

When she was 16 she was once again kidnapped by the Crimson and taken to a Slaughterhouse, where her arm is cut off to feed her captors. She was later rescued and taken to a clinic by the Legion of Liberty.

At the clinic, they discover she is pregnant, and sells her off to the Clavic Empire. She spends her entire time (only a few days) at the Facility trying to escape. When Patrin of Glengard takes her to the highest level of the facility to show her the wasteland all around them, she finally becomes disheartened. She later commits suicide as a way of spiting her Clavic captors.


Anya, upon arrival at the Facility, is immediately uncooperative. She is desperate to escape the facility because she needs to get back to Glar. She is also suspicious of everyone, questions everything she is told at the facility, and wants to be left alone. Her primary occupation, however, is in finding reasons to hate everyone and everything; this is a difficult chore for her, though, because there are many aspects of the facility she finds fascinating. She spends a lot of time compensating for any positive feelings she encounters in herself.


Anya's left arm ends at the elbow. Her lower arm was cut off in a slaughterhouse before she was rescued by the Legion of Liberty. Aside from this, she is bone-thin, with black hair, and several small scars on her face, back, and hands. One of her front teeth is also chipped.


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