Adoxipham, colloquially known as "Dox", is a magic-infused drug by which addiction is "perfect" (even the smallest amount leads to permanent dependence) and is impossible to overcome or overdose on. It is distributed exclusively through criminal street gangs and is administered intravenously primarily through forced injection called "inspiring," and is rampant throughout much of the lower class of Galwyndor.

The drug's development was ordered and funded by Vralius as a secret weapon in his empirical campaign, and is used as an economic machine as well as a biological weapon. Its creation was a collaborative effort between Daector Talmage and the Arcaeni using the synthetic hormone Phyrocinin and magic. The intended effect was to enable widespread mind control.


Because one dose is enough to hook someone for life, if one doesn't get more dox after a time, they experience a painful withdrawal commonly called the Slow Burn. Essentially, this is a burning sensation that covers the entire body, as it targets the nerves. If left long enough, the pain feels like fire, and can be debilitating.


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