3A-17 bracelets are the medical devices worn by test subjects and staff at the Wornspire facility. They were designed and developed by Daector Talmage to "analyze, alert, and administer" - hence the "3A". They analyze vital signs of each subject, alert medical staff of irregularities or emergency situations, and administer chemicals, hormones, drugs, and vitamins intravenously through "feeder lines". In addition to this, they act as computers to access the facility's system (staff only except in certain circumstances), control inter-facility access, and store identification and medical data. Each bracelet, once issued, biologically bonds with the wearer, making it non-transferable. It also generates a random eleven-character identification number for the wearer, which is also non-transferable.

The devices are made of a silver, metallic substance, with a small display that emits a soft, blue light.


  • Talmage wears a one-of-a-kind 3A-11-model bracelet, which provides a number of extra features.

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